• Where Should I Buy – Durban Or straight From Japan?

    Advantages and Disadvantages Of Buying Used Japanese Cars Straight From Japan

    Are Japanese Cars Cheaper In Japan Than In Durban?
    Well, almost each and every customer weighs up options when making buying decisions, be it of furniture or used cars from Japan. When it comes to used Japanese vehicles usually people consider either buying from Durban, Musina or straight from Japan. The only source of reliable information for them to make informed decisions is surfing the internet.. However for most customers, over the internet, they rarely get enough information for them to make informed decisions. They only get prices of the various vehicles they may need to buy. More often than not, the prices look cheaper in Japan hence most people end up buying over the internet, thinking that they are saving money. But do they really save money? Are used Japanese vehicles cheaper in Japan than in Durban? Well, lets find out below.

    From my own personal experience, and from the experiences of others who have bought from Japan, there isn’t much of a difference. In fact most customers who have bought from Japan have come to the realization that they were better off buying in either Durban or Mussina and not Japan.

    Why buy Your Japanese Car In Durban and Not Japan?

    Besides the time it usually takes [minimum 4 weeks],for a car to be shipped from Japan, it is also a matter of buying a car versus a picture. If you are buying online, on any website, you are buying a picture, an image, a photograph, nothing more nothing less. There is no guarantee that the image you are buying represents the vehicle you will receive. There is no way whatsoever through which you can check whether the vehicle is in good or bad condition. You are simply relying on the seller’s word. After all, it is very difficult, if not impossible to reverse any kind of financial transactions done over the internet.

    On the other hand ,in  Durban, with more than 20 dealerships to choose from, you are bound to come across a wide variety of vehicles. You can have the vehicle opened, started, leave the engine running and depending on the dealer from which you buy,you may as well test drive the vehicle around the yard before you pay your money.

    Besides, most customers look online and see a vehicle going say for $600.They call us in Durban and we tell them that the same vehicle is going for $1800 negotiable. What do they do, they rush to buy on the internet thinking that they have hit a jack port only to have a rude awakening a few weeks later, when they discover that they have to pay R9500,which is around $1200 once or before the vehicle has arrived in Durban. Depending on where they buy, some customers are even charged an extra $800 on top of the 600,1200 which now makes the car cost almost $2600.If you save any kind of money after buying your vehicle in Japan rather than Durban, i bet, you will never save a maximum of 400 dollars. Usually you end up paying more than what you could have paid in Durban.

    Make and Model of VehicleDurban PriceJapan Price to TanzaniaOverview
    Nissan March 2000/2+/-$1600 to $1800600+1200+300 = $2100Durban Is Cheaper.
    Honda Fit 2000/2+/-$1700 to $1900$700+1200+300 = $2200Durban is cheaper
    Golf 5 Fsi 2005/6+/-3000 to $3500+/-3200 all in all totalIts more or less the same
    Hyundai Tucson 2005+/-$4000+/-7500 dollars.Its way cheaper in Durban
    Mazda Demio 2005+/-1800+/-2200Its Cheaper in Durban
    Nissan Caravan 2004/6+/-$4000 to $4500$4000 excluding clearance feesDurban is cheaper
    Nissan Serena 2000/2+/-$1600 to $1800+/-$2200Cheaper In Durban
    Mazda Axela 2005+/-$2600 to $3200+/-$2800 dollarsIts almost the same
    Mazda Bongo Truck 2002/4+/-$3200 to $3500+/-3200 to $+/-3500Same same
    Toyota Hiace Quantum flat roof 2006/8+/-$7500+/-$7500Its all the same
    Nissan Elgrand petrol 2000/2 +/-1800 to 2200+/-2200It could be cheaper in Durban
    Mazda MPV old shape+/-1800 to 2200+/-1800 to 2000 dollarsalmost the same


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