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    How To Buy Your Used Japanese Vehicle In Durban South Africa :

    There are basically 2 ways through which you can Buy your Used Japanese vehicles in Durban South Africa.
    Option 1 is Coming To Durban and Choose You Vehicle with our Team. [most recommended]
    Option 2 is To Let Our Team Do The Job For You.

    Option 1 Which is the most recommended is for you to come down to Durban so that our team [comprising of Tami  and Emmanuel] can do the job with you. Basically, these two will drive you around all the Dealerships of Used Japanese Vehicles in and around Durban for you to choose your vehicle.

    IMG-20141103-WA003 With Konrad With Mr Modise

    • The reason why we say this is the most recommended way is that, since you are buying a Used Vehicle, it is always recommended and better to compare the vehicles, have a look at each vehicle, compare vehicles, compare prices and choose both the best vehicle and best deal which suites your pocket.

    If you choose to use this option, Tami/Emmanuel will pick you up from Durban station or the Airport. The Service Fee is R350 for a full day service. This covers picking you from the Airport/Durban Station and taking you to various Dealerships selling used Japanese cars.

    You can make a booking by phoning Tami on +2783 784 1046. Alternatively you can visit our Make A Booking Page or send an email to japanesecarsdurban@gmail.com or bookings@usedcarsforafrica.com

    Option 2 Is To Let Our Team Do The Job For You :

    SERVICE FEE IS USD$50 {only paid if you choose to purchase the vehicle}

    This option is mainly for those who do not wish to travel to Durban. Our Team can also do the job for you, From searching for various options of your requested vehicle to shipping the Vehicle to your home country.



    Search and choose your vehicle from our catalogue. If the vehicle you need is not listed, request it and our team will search in local Dealerships.

    Our team will send you prices, pictures and details of the vehicles found. You choose the vehicle you need. A quotation is sent to you.


    After choosing your Vehicle, we contact the Dealer to put that particular vehicle on hold for at least 4 hours, to give you the opportunity to make payment.

    After you make the payment, you send us the proof of payment and your particulars [copy of ID/Passport]. If proof of payment is not received within 4hours then the vehicle is put back on the market.

    The final invoice is sent to you via email or fax, so please provide these when you send your particulars as well.

    3] Transportation Of Your Vehicle/ Collection of Your Vehicle :

    Once the Full payment has reflected on the Dealership’s Account, then your Vehicle is ready for Transportation.

    Depending on the amount of loads/vehicles leaving Durban, this is how long it takes for you to receive your Vehicle.

    ZIMBABWE….. +/-3 Days for your vehicle to arrive at BeitBridge Boarder post

    BOTSWANA ….. +/-2 Days for your vehicle to arrive in Gaborone

    ZAMBIA  …….       +/-7 Days for your vehicle to arrive at Chirundu

    Malawi……….         +/-7 Days for your vehicle to arrive at Nyamapanda

    Swaziland……         +/-2 Days for your vehicle to arrive in Swaziland after you send the import Permit to the Dealer

    LESOTHO…..          +/-2 Days for your vehicle to arrive

    Mozambique……       +/-3 Days for your vehicle to arrive after you send the MOZ number



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