• Is Durban Cheaper Than Buying From Japan?


    This is a tricky one. Basically the answer is yes and no. It all depends on the Deal which you get whether you are buying in Durban or Japan.

    Some vehicles are cheaper in japan whilst others are far much cheaper in Durban. Please compare with the table below. Please note that the table just acts as a guideline for price comparison. There are other factors which might make the price or total amount of money be even more than the figures below. For example port and storage fees for those buying from Japan.

    Make and Model of VehicleDurban PriceJapan Price to TanzaniaOverview
    Nissan March 2000/2+/-$1600 to $1800600+1200+300 = $2100Durban Is Cheaper.
    Honda Fit 2000/2+/-$1700 to $1900$700+1200+300 = $2200Durban is cheaper
    Golf 5 Fsi 2005/6+/-3000 to $3500+/-3200 all in all totalIts more or less the same
    Hyundai Tucson 2005+/-$4000+/-7500 dollars.Its way cheaper in Durban
    Mazda Demio 2005+/-1800+/-2200Its Cheaper in Durban
    Nissan Caravan 2004/6+/-$4000 to $4500$4000 excluding clearance feesDurban is cheaper
    Nissan Serena 2000/2+/-$1600 to $1800+/-$2200Cheaper In Durban
    Mazda Axela 2005+/-$2600 to $3200+/-$2800 dollarsIts almost the same
    Mazda Bongo Truck 2002/4+/-$3200 to $3500+/-3200 to $+/-3500Same same
    Toyota Hiace Quantum flat roof 2006/8+/-$7500+/-$7500Its all the same
    Nissan Elgrand petrol 2000/2 +/-1800 to 2200+/-2200It could be cheaper in Durban
    Mazda MPV old shape+/-1800 to 2200+/-1800 to 2000 dollarsalmost the same



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